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Jessica’s Bridal Portraits

Take a peek at some of our favorite beauty shots from Jessica’s Bridal Portraits with Sarah Kate Photography!



Toni’s Bridal Portraits

Toni’s bridal portraits are super gorgeous!! I couldn’t help but share these beauties captured by Arden Prucha!

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Madison’s Bridal Portraits

You guys.. get ready, Madison’s bridal session will blow you away!!

So much pretty, beautifully captured by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography and perfect planning and floral by Todd Events.

Take a scroll through some of my favorites!

MadisonBridal004 MadisonBridal006 MadisonBridal014 MadisonBridal018  MadisonBridal025 MadisonBridal029 MadisonBridal031 MadisonBridal035  MadisonBridal048 MadisonBridal067 MadisonBridal074  MadisonBridal092 MadisonBridal098 MadisonBridal099 MadisonBridal104 MadisonBridal119  MadisonBridal136 MadisonBridal140  MadisonBridal164 MadisonBridal179


Jackie’s Bridal Portraits

Get a load of these pretty bridal portraits of our sweet bride Jackie!

I loved her beautiful twisted chignon updo and flawless makeup application.  Total perfection!

Images captured perfectly by Ben Q Photography

Floral by Holly Viles and Planning by Events by Kristin

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Katie’s Bridal Portraits

Sharing a few of my favorite bridal portraits of our Bride Katie captured by Kristen Dee Photography.  Love that Katie went with this classic, romantic low bun and a soft bronzey eye- simply perfect!

katie-120 katie-106 katie-105 katie-87 katie-78 katie-71   katie-35 katie-21 katie-18 katie-17


Kendall’s Bridal Portraits

These pretty bridal portraits of Kendall are some of my absolute favorites!  Jess Barfield knocked these pretties out of the park.  Take a scroll through my personal favorites!

Kendall_Bridal_011  Kendall_Bridal_031  Kendall_Bridal_037 Kendall_Bridal_042  Kendall_Bridal_069 Kendall_Bridal_086

Kendall_Bridal_033Kendall_Bridal_119 Kendall_Bridal_128 Kendall_Bridal_133  Kendall_Bridal_163 Kendall_Bridal_172Kendall_Bridal_159


Kristyn’s Bridal Portraits

Sweet Kristyn traveled all the way from Midland to do her bridal portraits with Kayla Barker Photography and I in Dallas.  It wasn’t the prettiest day (weather-wise) but you couldn’t tell from these pretty pictures and beautiful bride.

Check out some of my favorites from her session!

0005  0018 0020

0082 0034 0049 0074 0077  00250007

Kristy’s Bridal Portraits

Check out some of my favorite images by Matt & Julie Weddings of our sweet bride Kristy from her bridal portraits!

KristyBridals-114_For Blog KristyBridals-98_For Blog KristyBridals-73_For Blog KristyBridals-70_For Blog KristyBridals-67­_For Blog KristyBridals-65_For Blog   KristyBridals-55_For Blog KristyBridals-33_For Blog KristyBridals-11_For Blog


Anna Kate’s Bridal Portraits

Sweet Anna Kate got married in New Orleans but I was lucky enough to help her with her pretty bridal portraits here in Dallas with her great photographers Matt & Julie Weddings.  Scroll through some of my favorites!

AnnaKateBridals-118_For BlogAnnaKateBridals-43_For BlogAnnaKateBridals-102_For Blog AnnaKateBridals-95_For Blog AnnaKateBridals-47_For Blog  AnnaKateBridals-30_for blogAnnaKateBridals-21_For Blog

Maegan’s Bridal Portraits

When Maegan reached out to me about the concept for her bridal portraits, I got all kinds of excited!!  It’s no secret that I love a good braid. Plus Maegan is stunningly beautiful and was working with some really great vendors (Heather Hawkins Photography and Bows and Arrows Flowers) so I knew they would be extra amazing!

Maegan’s bridals were featured on Once Wed not too long ago, but I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorites here as well because they are just too beautiful not too!

maeganBP009 maeganBP010 maeganBP019 maeganBP020 maeganBP022 maeganBP027 maeganBP030 maeganBP044 maeganBP059 maeganBP088 maeganBP091 maeganBP114 maeganBP117 maeganBP121