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Annie’s Wedding Day

Annie’s Wedding was soo much fun and I just about died over her beautiful gown!!

Check out these beautiful photos by Matt & Julie Weddings!

Planning by Sweet Pea Events.



Corley’s Wedding Day

Corley is just a doll and as sweet as they come!

I’m happy to share some of our favorite beauty shots captured by Ben Q Photography.


Jessica’s Bridal Portraits

Take a peek at some of our favorite beauty shots from Jessica’s Bridal Portraits with Sarah Kate Photography!



Madison’s Wedding Day

Sharing a few favorite beauty shots from Madison’s Wedding Day by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography!

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Toni’s Bridal Portraits

Toni’s bridal portraits are super gorgeous!! I couldn’t help but share these beauties captured by Arden Prucha!

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Jackie’s Wedding Day

Our Bride Jackie was actually a bridesmaid in Hannah’s wedding (seen here) when we first met her.  She then reached out to us for hair+makeup for her own wedding and we were so pleased she did!!  Check out a few beauty favorites from Jackie’s wedding captured by Ben Q Photography and with perfect planning by Events by Kristin.

If you want to see more of beautiful Jackie, you can view her bridal portraits here!

016_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 019_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 023_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 032_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl025_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 027_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl   035_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 038_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 056_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 067_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 154_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 156_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 166_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 168_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 173_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 176_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl  183_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 185_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 192_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl218_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl

Emily’s Marie Gabrielle Wedding

If you haven’t picked up the latest Brides of North Texas Magazine, you need to!!  This cute couple (Emily & Michael) and their beautiful wedding are featured.  I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding day – such a fun, sweet, welcoming group!! Also, it should be noted that Emily (not only is she one of the kindest bride’s I’ve had) she also has incredibly beautiful, thick hair – total hair envy over here 🙂   Take a scroll through some of my favorite images captured perfectly by Ben Q Photography!

006_Emily_Michael-XL 008_Emily_Michael-XL 009_Emily_Michael-XL  011_Emily_Michael-XL    020_Emily_Michael-XL 021_Emily_Michael-XL 022_Emily_Michael-XL 023_Emily_Michael-XL 025_Emily_Michael-XL   028_Emily_Michael-XL 029_Emily_Michael-XL  032_Emily_Michael-XL 063_Emily_Michael-XL 065_Emily_Michael-XL 066_Emily_Michael-XL 118_Emily_Michael-XL  121_Emily_Michael-XL 123_Emily_Michael-XL 124_Emily_Michael-XL   136_Emily_Michael-XL (1)   146_Emily_Michael-XL 148_Emily_Michael-XL  194_Emily_Michael-XL 196_Emily_Michael-XL (1)  197_Emily_Michael-XL 221_Emily_Michael-XL  320_Emily_Michael-XL 372_Emily_Michael-XL 376_Emily_Michael_C-XL 391_Emily_Michael_G-XL 391_Emily_Michael_H-XL


Lindsay’s Engagement Photos

I just LOVE these beautiful engagement photos captured by Elisabeth Carol Photography!  Narrowing down the selection for a blog post was difficult to say the least.

Lindsay is a repeat client of mine, as she runs a life coaching company (Lindsay the Life Coach) and I’ve been able to help with her hair+makeup for her coaching videos.  In getting to know Lindsay I can truly say that she is such a beautiful girl inside and out.  I just love that you can see her true happiness shining through in these photos.  Plus, let’s get real, I was thrilled that Lindsay wanted a fun braid  🙂

Go ahead, flip through some of my favorite beauty shots below and soak-up the prettiness!


Madison’s Bridal Portraits

You guys.. get ready, Madison’s bridal session will blow you away!!

So much pretty, beautifully captured by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography and perfect planning and floral by Todd Events.

Take a scroll through some of my favorites!

MadisonBridal004 MadisonBridal006 MadisonBridal014 MadisonBridal018  MadisonBridal025 MadisonBridal029 MadisonBridal031 MadisonBridal035  MadisonBridal048 MadisonBridal067 MadisonBridal074  MadisonBridal092 MadisonBridal098 MadisonBridal099 MadisonBridal104 MadisonBridal119  MadisonBridal136 MadisonBridal140  MadisonBridal164 MadisonBridal179


Emily’s Engagement Photos

Emily’s engagement photos turned out so great!  For her makeup we went with a red lip and soft loose waves for her first look and she switched the lipstick for a more natural look for the second.  Check out a few of my favorites captured by Ben Q Photography!

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