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Corley’s Wedding Day

Corley is just a doll and as sweet as they come!

I’m happy to share some of our favorite beauty shots captured by Ben Q Photography.


Elizabeth’s Wedding Day

Elizabeth’s wedding was such a dream!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos captured by Heather Hawkins Photography.

Planning by the wonderful After Yes.
















Madison’s Wedding Day

Sharing a few favorite beauty shots from Madison’s Wedding Day by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography!

glw0067 glw0070 glw0076 glw0080  glw0129 glw0134 glw0163glw0154  glw0212 glw0315 glw0319 glw0325

Jackie’s Wedding Day

Our Bride Jackie was actually a bridesmaid in Hannah’s wedding (seen here) when we first met her.  She then reached out to us for hair+makeup for her own wedding and we were so pleased she did!!  Check out a few beauty favorites from Jackie’s wedding captured by Ben Q Photography and with perfect planning by Events by Kristin.

If you want to see more of beautiful Jackie, you can view her bridal portraits here!

016_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 019_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 023_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 032_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl025_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 027_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl   035_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 038_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 056_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 067_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 154_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 156_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 166_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 168_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 173_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 176_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl  183_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 185_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl 192_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl218_jackie-and-matthew-wedding-pictures-xl

Emily’s Marie Gabrielle Wedding

If you haven’t picked up the latest Brides of North Texas Magazine, you need to!!  This cute couple (Emily & Michael) and their beautiful wedding are featured.  I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding day – such a fun, sweet, welcoming group!! Also, it should be noted that Emily (not only is she one of the kindest bride’s I’ve had) she also has incredibly beautiful, thick hair – total hair envy over here 🙂   Take a scroll through some of my favorite images captured perfectly by Ben Q Photography!

006_Emily_Michael-XL 008_Emily_Michael-XL 009_Emily_Michael-XL  011_Emily_Michael-XL    020_Emily_Michael-XL 021_Emily_Michael-XL 022_Emily_Michael-XL 023_Emily_Michael-XL 025_Emily_Michael-XL   028_Emily_Michael-XL 029_Emily_Michael-XL  032_Emily_Michael-XL 063_Emily_Michael-XL 065_Emily_Michael-XL 066_Emily_Michael-XL 118_Emily_Michael-XL  121_Emily_Michael-XL 123_Emily_Michael-XL 124_Emily_Michael-XL   136_Emily_Michael-XL (1)   146_Emily_Michael-XL 148_Emily_Michael-XL  194_Emily_Michael-XL 196_Emily_Michael-XL (1)  197_Emily_Michael-XL 221_Emily_Michael-XL  320_Emily_Michael-XL 372_Emily_Michael-XL 376_Emily_Michael_C-XL 391_Emily_Michael_G-XL 391_Emily_Michael_H-XL


Bonner’s Wedding Day

I’m sharing a few of my favorite beauty shots from our Caroline Events Bride Bonner’s Wedding Day.

Bonner has a natural wave to her hair and she wanted to embrace it, but tame it which we totally accomplished.  Paired with makeup that enhances her natural beauty and it was a knock out of the park!

Photography by Margot Landen




Nicole’s Wedding Day

I have been itching to share these beautiful wedding photos captured by Grant Daniels Photography of our sweet bride Nicole’s wedding!

Check out my favorite beauty shots here:

nicole+estevan_wedding-29nicole+estevan_wedding-6  nicole+estevan_wedding-28  nicole+estevan_wedding-32 nicole+estevan_wedding-33   nicole+estevan_wedding-47nicole+estevan_wedding-178 nicole+estevan_wedding-179 nicole+estevan_wedding-207 nicole+estevan_wedding-209 nicole+estevan_wedding-210 nicole+estevan_wedding-214 nicole+estevan_wedding-178nicole+estevan_wedding-102 nicole+estevan_wedding-411nicole+estevan_wedding-406

Jessica + Trevor’s Wedding Day

These two are just the cutest (along with this sweet pup Sonny!)

Jessica wanted naturally pretty makeup and a killer braid, which we totally accomplished!

Take a look at a few of my favorites from their wedding day captured by Apryl Ann Photography.


aprylann_wedding_200aprylann_wedding_197aprylann_wedding_104  aprylann_wedding_113 aprylann_wedding_118 aprylann_wedding_120 aprylann_wedding_122  aprylann_wedding_133   aprylann_wedding_137  aprylann_wedding_148  aprylann_wedding_162   aprylann_wedding_154 aprylann_wedding_153  aprylann_wedding_175 aprylann_wedding_176     aprylann_wedding_193 aprylann_wedding_184

Lauren’s Milestone Wedding

Sweet Lauren got married at The Milestone in June and we had the privileged of doing hair+makeup for her and her pretty bridal party! Such a fun day for sure!!

Take a peek at a few of my favorite beauty images captured by Joy Neville Photography.

L&M20150606_28122_EDITEDL&M20150606_2840_EDITEDL&M20150606_2815_EDITEDL&M20150606_2832_EDITEDL&M20150606_2874_EDITEDL&M20150606_2882_EDITEDL&M20150606_3194_EDITED   L&M20150606_3094_EDITED L&M20150606_3070_EDITED L&M20150606_3052_EDITED L&M20150606_3081_EDITEDL&M20150606_2963_EDITED L&M20150606_3100_EDITED L&M20150606_2953_EDITED L&M20150606_3456_EDITED

Hannah’s Wedding Day

If you haven’t already seen Hannah’s bridal portraits, you need to swing by here first!!  Such a little beauty.  I loved these!

Hannah’s wedding was featured on Southern Weddings a few months ago, but I’m sharing a few of my favorites here too!

Here is the link to the Southern Weddings post if you want to stop by there too:

Check out these beautiful Images by the talented Ben Q Photography!

0013_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0015_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL0021_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL  0035_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0128_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0079_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL0084_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL0133_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0149_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0339_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL 0345_Hanna and Eric's Wedding-XL